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"Home is where the heart is." So say those who think of more than brick and mortar. Home is “where you hang your hat", if you are not particularly emotional about it. For me, "home" is where we will be when we are finally home with God; for, no one is ever truly “home" until we are where we are loved most..

But, until we get there, we are sojourners in this world God has made, and we call it “home". Even here, however, when Christ rules in our hearts, we are very much “at home".
In traveling America, and other parts of the world, it was almost always easy for me to feel at home. Hosts would often say, “Sammy, you just make yourself right at home!" That gave me “refrigerator rights", and the right to take off the coat and tie, kick off my shoes, and be myself.

Computer-wise, home is where one enters a web site. It is the door you must open if you plan to visit. Thank you for making a decision to drop by to see us. Now that you have entered the door to our “Internet home" there are things you should know which will enable you to feel at home.

You will notice family pictures prominently placed throughout the rooms as you enter our Personal Information living area. You will get the idea right away that we are not related to the Rothschilds.

Feel free to wander about this cybernet home of ours. There is a room in which you will learn of God's healing of cancer in 1975, and the subsequent opportunity to tell my story in the Saturday Evening Post. Don’t hesitate to read the article. Take a copy along with you, if you like, so you can share it with someone else.

The music room is one of my favorites, of course. You can lean back and listen to some of the songs I have recorded, and, don’t be in a hurry…. Stay as long as you like.Read More

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